With our Inviseam Tube we can provide you with the possibility of doing away with one of the last arguments against the laminate tube – the unprinted seam. Thanks to the use of this technology, the seam is simply printed with the rest of the tube, and the usual overlapping is almost completely done away with.
By contrast with similar technologies presented previously on the market, with our tube the complete wide range of possibilities for refinement can be combined, such as matt tubes, spot coatings, screen prints, blocking and embossing, etc.

mt_inviseam_2And by contrast with other “inked-in seam” technologies for laminate tubes, we made the deliberate decision to print the tube directly on the surface using conventional processes (letterpress or flexographic, optionally in combination with screen printing or blocking and embossing). This also includes consideration of the most important factor – the cost. This is because there is no additional production step required, and the printing is no more complex in scale than with our normal laminate tubes. The very minor additional costs are due solely to the slightly lower cycle numbers in the tube manufacturing process.


Egnite is a high-luster laminate available in a variety of shades. Its metallic foil enhances its ability to block while also offering a striking level of product differentiation. With material that provides a protective barrier and resilient bounce-back properties, it helps the tube maintain shape and form while also creating a distinctive aesthetic effect with a surface so lustrous that it is reflective.

Egnite1Egnite facilitates complex printing with
novel colours
and effects, changing the canvas for laminated tubes. Egnite provides laminates so unique that it will truly catch busy shoppers’ attention. It provides a creative way to add glamour and superior protection to products, bringing a new dynamic to high-end consumer segments, far surpassing what any other laminate can offer.
With the look of metal and the feel of plastic, Egnite is a unique packaging differentiation that grabs consumer attention. Its exceptional barrier (EVOH and MPET) is available in six high-luster shades and helps protect from counterfeiting. Egnite decoration options offer a distinctive brand image and vibrant shelf impact. Essel’s full range of high-luster printing capabilities including four-colour process, silk screen and hot stamping on a radiant Egnite canvas.

Green Maple Leaf™

Green Maple Leaf is an eco-friendly laminated tube that maintains the freshness of products while keeping in line with our commitment towards the environment and society. This fully-recyclable packaging solution helps prevent oxidization of contents with a proprietary oxygen-barrier coated core layer and an all-polyethylene (PE) film multilayer laminate. It is especially suited for cosmetics, toiletries and food products. The recyclable, all-plastic laminate helps in reducing a product’s carbon footprint, making it the best eco-friendly choice to keep products fresh.

Green-maple-leafGreen Maple Leaf supports and strengthens Essel’s Go-Green Initiative, ensuring that we are leading the way in making meaningful contributions for a greener, better, healthier planet. Additionally, the tube has the ability to retain its shape even after repeated use and product dispensation and is available in custom theme printing. Setting a new curve to packaging innovation, Green Maple Leaf is aimed at markets demanding sustainability by replacing EVOH tubes. It provides extraordinary product stability, shelf life properties, tube resilience and feel. Produced with fully recyclable thermoplastic polymers, Green Maple Leaf helps achieve the ultimate sustainability goal.

UV-printing – Invisible key mark

uv_invisibleWe can offer a tube which makes use of a luminescent coating / ink. These constituents are invisible to normal sensing techniques, and can only be detected by what is known as a black-light sensor. The advantage of this technology is that the sensor entirely masks out the whole of the remaining print image, which is printed with conventional inks without UV additions, especially in the key mark area.

This process can of course also be combined directly in the print image, in order to create entirely new types of effects, which the user of the packing does not identify until under black light, such as in a disco.

PCR (Post Consumer Recycling) materials

ESSEL offer an in-house developed laminate with PCR content. PCR lies between the inner PE layer (filling material contact layer) and the barrier layer. At the present time, a white PBL material with 300µ and a 15µ EVOH barrier is available.

On top of PCR laminate ESSEL offer also extruded tubes with PCR content

Soft touch effect

To meet expectations of our customers ESSEL developed Soft touch laminate. On top of this soft touch effect is available also on plastic, extruded tubes.

Soft touch effect is perfect for cosmetic market where emphasis product uniqueness.

Lettering for the Blind

At the special request of a number of customers, we have taken up the challenge, and for the first time we can present a tube with text for the blind printed directly on it, and so provided one of the few solutions for the application of Braille lettering directly onto the primary packing material.

Braille script is applied by screen printing with a transparent coating. The aim is to make it possible for vision-impaired people to identify the product in their hand without any doubt and without any out-side help.