Essel Propack Poland Sp. zoo. is a Polish manufacturer and supplier of plastic packaging in the form of plastic and laminate tubes. As a company operating in the B2B deliver our tubes for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and others. Our customers are the most renowned European brands in the cosmetics business. We pride ourselves also the cooperation with well-known domestic producers of creams, gels, lotions and other cosmetic products.

Essel Propack Poland is also the largest and most modern of the more than twenty factories belonging to the Group’s Essel Propack, world leader in this industry, which is the pride and main manufacturing center in Europe.

Our team is able to provide customers with high quality products made from the finest materials, using the latest technology, virtually unlimited range of colors, decorated with different techniques. In addition to the extensive range of high quality tubes of different lengths, with various diameters with different closures we offer attractive prices and short time from order to delivery of the finished product to the customer.



Essel, part of the USD 2.4 billion Essel Group, with a turnover of over USD 350 million, is the largest global specialty packaging company, manufacturing laminated plastic tubes catering to the FMCG and Pharma space. Employing over 2,600 people representing 25 different nationalities, Essel functions through 25 state-of-the-art facilities in 12 countries.

Essel sells more than six billion tubes a year and we have consistently been expanding our reach across the world. We provide extraordinary solutions customized to an increasing variety of applications and new innovations in material, technology and process. With a 33% share of the world’s oral care market and many successful forays into wider verticals such as Beauty & Cosmetics, Pharma & Health, Food and Home, we are the world’s largest producer of laminated plastic tubes.


Our vision serves to guide us, now and in the future, as an ideal that we hold close to our hearts.

To be an extraordinary company, global leader and pioneer in sustainable packaging solutions for the world.


Our mission articulates how we will go about achieving our vision and is more tangible in nature.

Essel will be the global packaging partner of choice, focused on delivering innovative and sustainable end-to-end solutions with a strong focus on customer delight. We will be a place where passion, empowerment and creativity are valued and balanced with strong work-ethic and a commitment to corporate social responsibility. We will work together to create and deliver extraordinary value for all stakeholders.


Our brand values are at our very core and serve as guiding lights as to what is important to us as a business and how we act. They serve to guide our approach when it comes to all things brand and business.